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23.03.2007  Lyrics are now available under the music section or to go directly click here! -enjoy!

21.03.2007   Please click here to read the latest newsmail from Norton

18.03.2007  Norton is band of the week exclusively all this week on Go online to check us out as well as hundreds of other fantastic bands all offering fantastic tunes for your enjoyment.

17.03.2007  Happy St.Patricks Day to all Nortonites. Have a Guinness on us!

03.03.2007   Norton are currently beavering away on some new material and we will be coming back to you soon to get your feedback on the new tracks. In the meantime, dont forget that you can buy our EPs, Two Weeks of Feast, Two Weeks of Famine and My Tie Is My Noose at CD Baby

01.03.2007  We now have a new guitarist in the band. Rich Murray is an excellent musician and we are currently in rehearsals with him for our live shows.

21.02.2007  We now have new Norton T-shirts available to all Nortonites. We will have the T-shirts available to you soon via our site Watch this space!!

11.02.2007  We will soon be having all Norton lyrics available on this site. We have had a number of requests for the words to these great songs and who are we to deny you?!

05.02.2007  We are currently auditioning for a new guitarist. We hope that we will be bringing you more news soon as to Bens replacement.

30.01.2007  Happy Birthday Ross. 21 again!!

01.01.2007  Happy New Year to all Nortonites. We hope that everybody has an excellent 2007.


04.12.2006  Two days to our last gig this year at Clapham Grand. Please click here to see the latest newsmail from Norton

21.11.2006  Have you got any pictures or video from the Borderline Gig? - email them to us at and we will put them on the site with your credit!

17.11.2006  Please click here to see the latest newsmail from Norton and pictures from the Borderline - were you here?

04.11.2006  Thanks for all your support at Borderline last Thursday - you were great! - see if you can spot yourself here.

23.10.2006  Norton will feature on "Pulserated" Radio - Monday 23rd October 9pm. Please click here to see the latest newsmail

16.10.2006  Please click here to see the latest newsmail from Norton and pictures from the Barfly - were you here?

06.10.2006 - What a wicked night. A massive thank you to all of those that came down to the Barfly and made it a really special night for us. You guys all rocked and pushed us once again. We will be getting the photos that we took of you lovely people on our website very shortly, so keep checking back here to see if you can spot yourself!

29.09.2006  Please click here to see the latest newsmail from Norton

27.09.2006  Not a lot of people know this! Norton's tune Rhino (now that is going back some time) has been in a short film by director Svetla Tsotsorkova. We hope to have a link to the film shortyly. The short by Svetla went on to win an award in Cannes last year.

20.09.2006  Final confirmation has been received for our jaunt up to the In The City festival in Manchester/Liverpool in October. Please go to our gigs list for more details. Cant wait to get back up North and play some tunes.

19.09.2006  Norton have set up their own record label. Now registered at Company House, we will be releasing the next EP, 'My Tie is My Noose' on' Release Records Ltd'. Maybe we're just trying to be too clever for our own good, but with think the name is quite cool. If you differ in opinion, we would really like to hear your ideas for a record label name.

04.09.2006  Our dear Swedish friend Mathias Holgersen has decided that it is about time that Norton gets the house beats banging and so we will be having one of our tracks (weve been sworn to secrecy) re-mixed ready for clubland. Crazy, but it might just work.

03.09.2006  Stephan moved house!! Thor helped. The rest of the band couldnt be arsed and were spotted in a pub in town whilst heavy lifting and general exertion was continuing in Whitechapel.

30.08.2006  Artwork has been signed off for the new EP. Everything should be with us, along with promo t-shirts etc. very soon. Look out for them!!

16.08.2006  After some hectic months playing gigs in the U.K, recording with Greg Haver in Wales and doing a Canadian Festival, we are currently updating our web-site to make it super exciting. In the meantime check us out on

Summer 2006  Recorded a new EP with Greg Haver in Cardiff. We were honoured to get to work with Greg and he certainly taught us a thing or two about being in a studio. You can hear the tracks on this website. We would like to thank Greg for his hard work with us (we know we can be a pain in the studio!). We would also like to thank Clint Murphy who engineered the tracks and helped Greg with the mix.




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